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Welcome to the Evolutionary Aikido Community !

The Evolutionary Aikido Community (EAC) is a global community of more than 25 dojos exploring the art of Aikido in traditional and evolutionary ways by honoring the beautiful past and origins of the art that has brought the Aikido to where it is in the world today, and by recognizing that the art itself is continuously alive and evolving. We also recognize that Aikido is relevant and influential in all aspects of our lives at many levels; thus we explore Aikido at the levels of the body, heart, mind and community. There is a common interest in the community not only to understand and practice Aikido in the dojo, but also to live Aikido as a way of life beyond the tatami.
As life and the world community change and evolve around us, we find it is important to allow our Aikido and the organization to also evolve. Part of the the vision of the EAC states that, “As both individuals and a community, we look to face the shadow of ourselves and our practice. We commit to transforming the egoic holding patterns of rigid hierarchy, immature competition, arrogance, and abuse into a capacity to be powerful, free, compassionate, and inclusive with the world around
us. We see that the conflict within ourselves, within our relationships, and within our communities are reflections of each other. To accept and transform conflict with the world around us in a way that supports the evolution of ourselves and the world, we need to accept and transform the conflict within ourselves in the same fashion. We recognize that transforming conflict into a life affirming moment of awakening and evolution, the words of the Founder of Aikido are essential: ‘I and the Universe are One’.” Thus, in the community we collaborate together, along with life itself, in
order to evolve and allow the greatest expression of Aikido possible from ourselves in the world around us.
Please feel welcome to contact us to find out more information or simply to join us in a seminar or class training. We look forward to many more connections, explorations and discoveries. See you soon on the tatami.
Durward Burrell



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