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Aïkidoin in Cooking Cooking in Aïkido

These two worlds are very different in

practice, but really related in their perspectives.

In the two you need to let go of your old patterns in order for something spontaneous, new and creative to emerge.

Both cooking and Aikido can be used as a tool to discover our true nature and also can be the bridge between us and the world we are feeding. Both process training and cooking can be here, if we let the space for that, for nourishing our body, soul, heart and the world. In that direction Me becomes We.
But we also must be careful in the way that we are processing because the nutrition can be poison, tasty can be tasteless and training with heart and passion can become avidity and sadness. That’s why the power of training or cooking with someone is always a great weapon that we
can keep with us in order to stay on our path. In their eyes we see our difficulties, our boxes that we don’t want to open and pushing us trough our own limitation in order to grow and to evolve.

When you align yourself with a clear intention, when you decide to be present for We instead of Me the relationship becomes tasty and passionate, flavory and flowery and when we are practicing and enjoying this process it helps us not to forget that Heart is the essence of Arts.


Antony Martinez

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